In the Beginning

I began my career in Windows Administration with an internship while I was in college. I spent the year working for the University as a Support Analyst. I assisted them with the migration from Novell eDirectory to Active Directory and GroupWise to Exchange. The experience has shaped my career to where I am now.

Fast forward 2 Years…

I began working for my current employer in 2005. At the time, they were head over heals for Novell NetWare and GroupWise. The slightest mention of Active Directory or Exchange was considered blasphemy. As a Help Desk Technician, I had little impact on the structure of our network. I worked daily on supporting systems littered with workarounds as a means to keep running and seeing no progress forward with technological innovation.

A Change of Direction…

After three years on the Help Desk, my day came to be promoted to the Windows Systems Administrator. We were still a Novell shop but had a couple windows servers for various applications that required the Windows OS to to host them. After a short time, my knowledge and experience was being taken seriously and I was finally given permission to stand up my companies first Domain Controller.

The Here and Now…

I have since transitioned many of our company resources to Microsoft products and am in the process of implementing a SharePoint 2010 environment to include workflows and collaboration tools for our users. My road through these many transitions has not been easy, causing many hours of research and class instruction to broaden my skills and assist with a proper installation.

It is because of the vast amount of knowledge I have acquired and tools I have discovered that I decided a tech blog was in store to organize all this information and contribute to the world what I have learned. Hopefully my posts will appear in search results that will someday help someone in need like I once was.
I hope that through this blog I can become a part a community that is designed to assist peers. Let me know if my posts have helped you in any way or if a little more clarification is needed.
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