MDT 2010: The Task Sequence has been suspended

This message was not an easy one to resolve. After countless searches I finally came across the following solution. Now there are multiple other ways to accomplish this including partitioning tools like Partition Magic, but this one built right into the Window PE boot CD.


The task sequence has been suspended. Litetouch has encountered an Environment Error (Boot into WinPE!). If booting from a USB Flash Disk, please remove all drives before Retrying. Otherwise, ensure the hard disk is selected first in the boot order of the BIOS. Reboot WinPE (Close all windows) to resume.


This message is caused by running the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit boot CD after a previously interrupted attempt to install the operating system.


If you see this message while imaging a Windows 7 computer:
  1. Hit the F8 key
  2. At the prompt, type diskpart
  3. Type select disk 0
  4. Type clean
  5. Type exit
  6. Reboot into the Boot CD.
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