Waiting for Mac OS X Lion to be released

The release of Max OS X Lion is due any time (or day) now. There are many features that I am looking forward to this new release.

  • Multi-Touch Gestures – This is going to be a welcome addition to my MacBook Pro experience. I have been an iPhone user since shortly after the debut and also have an iPad and have enjoyed the using Mulit-Touch Gestures to interact with applications. Apple has expanded on this and incorporated it into OS X. Adding Multi-Touch will make using my MacBook Pro a breeze.
  • Full Screen Apps – While this may seem like a trivial upgrade, I often catch myself adjusting window sizes to utilize as much of the screen as possible. This will hopefully eliminate the need to drag the screen to the size I want.
  • AirDrop – This is a pretty cool feature allowing the transfer of files quickly to other nearby Mac OS X users. This will especially be beneficial if I get a Mac Mini in the near future as I have planned.

There one feature that I have yet seen mentioned that I hope they will incorporate into this latest update.

  • AirPrint – This was meant to be included in OS X a while back, but has yet to make it into any updates that have been release so far. I use a Canon Pixma MP560 and have often needed to print from my iPhone and iPad, but Canon does not support AirPrint on this printers. So, having OS X be able to share my printer as an AirPrint device would be great. I am aware that there are Apps out there to address this need, but I am holding on to hope that an update with AirPrint will come soon.

At $29.99, it is an quite the affordable upgrade to an operating system. A price like that for an OS upgrade is unheard of.

I guess I will be patiently waiting in hopes that OS X Lion will be released soon.

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