Windows 7: Restore File Type Associations to Their Default Program

I don’t know how many times I have inadvertently associated a batch file (.bat) or a vbsript (.vbs) with notepad in an attempt to view what script will do. This is all because in my hast to look at the file, I failed to uncheck the box to “Always use the selected program to open this kind of file” or some other accidental change.

When the time comes to actually run the script, it is now impossible because the file extension is no longer associated with it’s Default Program. I am then forced to scour the Internet in an attempt to remember how to do this on Windows 7, as Windows XP made this all to easy to correct.


1) Go to Start => Run and type regedit
2) Navigate to:


3) Replace [keyname] with the file extension that no longer works.
4) Find the UserChoice Key by expanding the left pane.
5) Delete the UserChoice Key.

Your file will now open in the Default Program. The icon on the file however may not be corrected until after a reboot.

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