SharePoint: Database Maintenance

There are two maintenance tasks that should be performed routinely to ensure SharePoint is running at its best

A) Database Backup Maintenance Plan
B) Integrity and Reorganization Maintenance Plan

In addition to these Maintenance Plans, you should also see my post SharePoint: Automate Farm Backup and Cleanup.

Database Backup Maintenance Plan

It is recommended that prior to performing Database Maintenance Tasks that a full backup is performed on the databases.

To do this, you can create a Maintenance Plan in SQL Server Management Studio.

1) Include a Maintenance Cleanup Task that deletes all BAK files located in the backup folder.
2) Include the Backup Database Task to create full backups of All Databases in the SQL Server Instance including System Databases.

Integrity and Rebuild Maintenance Plan

Microsoft has issued a document called Database Maintenance for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products that can be found here.

In this Maintenance Plan, include the follow tasks
1) A Maintenance Cleanup Task that deletes all txt files located in the logs folder.
2) A Check Database Integrity Task that checks All Databases including system databases.
3) A Rebuild Index Task that reorganizes and rebuilds the indexes on All User Databases.

  • Set “Change free space per page percentage to” = 80%
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  2. Darwin Vandee says:

    This actually answered my downside, thanks!

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