WSUS: InitAUComponents Failed, will restart AU in 30 mins, error = 0x80004002

I recently deployed some Windows Updates using my Windows Server Update Service (WSUS). A user reported that they did not receive the updates. After some investigating I noticed that the users computer was not reporting a status to WSUS.

I looked in C:\WINDOWS\WindowsUpdate.log and discovered the following error.

InitAUComponents Failed, will restart AU in 30 mins, error = 0x80004002

My first thought was just to rename C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution and restart the Automatic Updates service, however this did not resolve the situation.

I found a Technet Forum post (, but did not like the sound of that because the version of the agent could be wrong so here is what I ended up doing.


1) Open Internet Explorer
2) Navigate to
3) You should be prompted to install the latest version of Windows Update.
4) Once it has finished with installing Windows Update, close your browser.
5) Open services.msc
6) Stop the Automatic Updates service
7) Navigate to C:\WINDOWS
8) Delete the SoftareDistribution folder and WindowsUpdate.log
9) Start the Automatic Updates service.

Your computer should now be connecting to WSUS and downloading updates.

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