SharePoint: Errors on Page and Scroll Bar is Grayed Out

We suddenly started to receive calls that people were no longer able to scroll on our Intranet Home Page. This was a quickly spreading problem. There were two common factors:

1) Windows XP SP3
2) Internet Explorer 8

When I visited the users experiencing the problem, I quickly noted the following issues:

-Users are reporting that they are unable to scroll.
-The scroll bar is grayed out.
-Errors On Page reported in the status bar.


I soon learned that our main web administrator had implemented some Javascript on the Home Page that would error out. To resolve:

1) Modify the web.config file
2) Modify the following item in the config file, or add it if it is missing:

<scriptResourceHandler enableCompression="false" enableCaching="true" />

Inside this section:


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