SharePoint 2010: Verify the Product Version of SharePoint 2010 that is Installed

I was in the process of updating my production environment and wanted to verify which cumulative updates I had applied already to the test environment. After some searching I found a command to use and compared it to the build numbers on the SharePoint TechNet site.


To verify the installed build number:

1) Run the SharePoint 2010 Management Shell as the Farm Administrator.

2) Run the following command:

Update Release Build Number
April 2011 14.0.5138.5001
June 2011 14.0.6106.5002
August 2011 14.0.6109.5005
October 2011 14.0.6112.5000
December 2011 14.0.6114.5000
February 2012 14.0.6117.5002
April 2012 14.0.6120.5006
June 2012 14.0.6123.5002
August 2012 14.0.6126.5001
October 2012 14.0.6129.5003
December 2012 14.0.6131.5003
February 2013 14.0.6134.5000
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