SharePoint 2010 calculated column and hyperlink (no workflows or scripts needed)

If you need to calculate hyperlinks in SharePoint 2010 based off of other fields in a list, check this out. It definitely came in handy with a recent project I was working on.


Often you will get a requirement like this:

Create a calculated column which concatenate the url text with an existing column value.

This seems to be an easy task, except one thing: SharePoint doest not render hyperlink in calculated column by default.

For example, I have a list with 2 columns: Search term and Google Search. Google Search is a calculated column with this formula

Now, this is what I will get by default:

There are a few ways to fix this problem. Usually people will recommend you to create a Hyperlink column instead and create a workflow to update the Hyperlink value ( . Or, you can place a script on the page that loop through the HTML nodes and replace the unfriendly html tags with a hyperlink as described here

But today, I’m going to show you how to trick SharePoint into displaying the…

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