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Windows XP: Drives Mapped by Group Policy Preferences are not Mapping

I finally got around to converting my Login Script, written in VB, converted to use Group Policy Preferences. The conversion went quite well, however a few cases did show up where some Windows XP computers were not mapping the drives. … Continue reading

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WSUS: Workstations are not Reporting To or Receiving Windows Updates from Windows Server Update Service

If you discover that Workstations are not reporting to or receiving Windows Updates from your Windows Server Update Service, this is most likely caused by: A) Corrupt SoftwareDistribution folder B) Another Workstation having a matching SusClientId. SOLUTION To fix either … Continue reading

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WSUS: InitAUComponents Failed, will restart AU in 30 mins, error = 0x80004002

I recently deployed some Windows Updates using my Windows Server Update Service (WSUS). A user reported that they did not receive the updates. After some investigating I noticed that the users computer was not reporting a status to WSUS. I … Continue reading

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Using PsExec to Run Commands on a Remote Workstation

PsExec is a handy tool used to execute commands on a remote system. ┬áIt is part of SysInternals from Technet download or can be downloaded and installed separately from the PsExec description page. I have used this tool in the … Continue reading

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